About Us

Providing high quality aquarium installation and maintenance services

We are a highly skilled aquatic company which offers our services for any size aquarium whether it's fully designing a cutting-edge bespoke build or installing an off-the-shelf aquarium. We are happy to work on home renovation projects with your builders on a consultancy basis before aquarium installation, and we can provide full project management. We offer low-energy running systems.

We will work closely with you to create your perfect style aquarium as you envision it.

We also specialise in the relocation and decommisson of aquariums.

Aquatic gems is always happy to help.

The team at Aquatic Gems Ltd consists of Cem, Jack and Marie.


  • Managing Director and founder of Aquatic Gems Ltd
  • BSc Behavioural Biology, specialising in Aquatics
  • Dive master  
  • Former London Aquarium aquarist and diver
  • Turtle conservation project
  • Operation Wallacea Reef conservation project
  • Horniman research project

My passion for all things aquatic started on my first trip to Indonesia as part of an Operation Wallacea conservation project, where I collected data from the coral reef for my dissertation. This experience captured my attention of the amazing life underwater. After completing my degree in Behavioural Biology, I continued my interest in aquatics in Northern Cyprus to become a dive master. I spent a further 2 months volunteering on the Northern Cyprus turtle conservation project.

As most people discover after completing a degree, finding a job in the area in which you have interest was not simple. So I then volunteered at the London Aquarium for 6 months. With this additional experience Wildwoods Water Gardens (awarded Top Spot in the Aquatic Retailer of the Year award by Practical Fishkeeping magazine, and one of the UK's most species-diverse aquatic retailers) offered me a job, where I continued to build on my aquatic knowledge for a further 2 years.

My volunteering at the London Aquarium continued until I took over the role of Aquarist Diver from my good friend James Robson (who is now the curator for Birmingham Sea Life Centre). As an aquarist diver at the London Aquarium I learned how to maintain complex systems and to care for animals in line with the standards imposed by zoo licenses.

I founded Aquatic Gems Ltd to continue with my passion for aquatics and to provide my customers with the pleasure and experience of having aquariums in their living and working space.



  • Aquatic Technician
  • Avid hobbyist, keeping his own bespoke marine system
  • Former employee of Wildwoods Water Gardens 

Take a look at Jack's latest blog posts on our blog:  https://aquaticgems.wordpress.com/ 

I’ve always had an interest in wildlife and learning new things about different animals. I stumbled upon aquatics when I applied for a part time job at an aquatic retailer in north London in 2008. After a short time of working there I upped my hours and took a real keen interest in aquatics, from learning the traits of different fish species to the variety of aquatic products on the market.

From there I went to work at Aquatic Gems Ltd. Here my knowledge grew quickly, and I learnt about aquatics in a different way. Whilst expanding my knowledge in a much greater depth on the topics I was aware of already, I also learnt about different bespoke systems from aquariums to filtration and the best and worst ways to keep and maintain these systems. Through Aquatic Gems Ltd I have had the opportunity to work on some amazing aquariums and deal with some really amazing animals.

I now have my own bespoke marine aquarium, and can see myself keeping fish for as long as I can. I hope to upgrade to bigger and better aquariums as time goes on, continuously learning new things through work but also at home.



  • Company Secretary

I work in the office producing invoices, answering emails and doing general paperwork duties. I have always loved all animals, having grown up on a smallholding in Wales and working for 2 years in a pet shop, but I am especially interested in all things aquatic.

I have been involved with Aquatic Gems Ltd since it's foundation in 2007 when Cem first started out on his exciting business venture. I am really looking forward to growing with the business, and providing our customers with the best service possible.

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Cem at the Aquarium
Cem diving in one of the tanks at the London Aquarium